Colour Story: Austrian Alps

This summer we're planning a family holiday to Austria: three generations visiting Vienna for a few days followed by two weeks in the Austrian Alps.

I wanted to plan a packing-up Colour Story that will require very little luggage but provide loads of bright fun outfits.

I think we can all agree that the key to bringing minimal luggage is to limit the shoes. For this trip I'll bring three pairs: some Keds for long walks and hiking, a pair of madras plaid sandals, and a pair of closed toe sandals in cerise red with a wooden stacked heel.

It's a simple formula: bring three pairs of shoes, one large straw tote bag, a smaller cross-body bag, a light jacket, jeans and several t-shirts (the jacket, jeans and tote will form the flight outfit), five dresses, two blouses and a skirt.

I'm also throwing in a madras-print bikini to wear under a matching madras print shirtdress... just in case we go swimming in one of those picturesque Austrian lakes.

I'm loving the range of pinks in this Colour Story, as well as the bright pops of cerise red and green.

The key with a limited shoe selection is that they can basically be worn with everything, the one pair here that are a bit limited as far as outfit pairings are the madras plaid sandals.

My small LV cross-body bag is great for holidays like this, the colour is neutral and it's small enough to store in the straw tote while on the flight.

It has a zipper and a little lock, so it's perfect for storing the family's passports and some cash.

The Liberty print top and skirt are so summery and the pieces pair well with both the closed-toe sandals and the sneakers.

Isn't the ribbon trim on the sneakers so evocative of Tyrolean embroidery?

Madras on madras on madras on madras! All of these pieces are from J.Crew.

Another key component of this Colour Story is the abundance of Liberty prints. I've collected these over the years from J.Crew and they never fail to cheer me up. The cottons are really light and beautifully made, perfect for travelling and for hot summer temperatures.

I've added a Liberty print bandana to my straw hat, replacing a black ribbon.

Now I just have to do enough obe strength workouts so that I can keep up with The Rascals on those Alpine hikes!


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