You might think I'm going to talk about our endless cold and rainy spring here in Ontario, with that tiresome title: Layering.

Never mind all of that, let's talk about the layering of interior spaces.

We've been living in our house for almost fourteen years, which is the longest amount of time I have ever lived anywhere. Growing up we moved every couple of years, in the same town. You might think, why bother unpacking boxes when one moves every two years or so? You would be right. Often the joke in our house was that if you were looking for something, it was likely in a box in the basement.

One of the benefits of living in a house for a long period of time, besides being able to renovate and tweak function, is the ability to layer the decor quite slowly. This builds up a certain feeling to the space, something I can only describe as a feeling of history, of being rooted in time and place.

I like to layer with books, and with objects resting on those books, almost using them as a sort of platform.

The gold painted star is from a little shop in Vienna, and it sits on top of the art book we bought at the Art Institute of Chicago (I'm dying to go back to Chicago, it's definitely my favourite North American city).

The chunky piece of amethyst in the top photo was a treasure of my Grandma Jean's that I was obsessed with as a little kid.

She gave it to me when I was about 30 years old and visiting her one day in Amherstburg. It always reminds me of her and the long talks we had.

The layering of a bar cart is a particularly fun activity. The little special glasses, the various bottles, the brass accoutrements to cocktail hour, all displayed with the promise of a fun hour of talking and (hopefully) laughing.

It's taken me some time to collect ceramic vases for displaying flowers, I'm one of those squeamish people who doesn't like to look at the stems of flowers through a glass vase. I feel like the true beauty of the flowers are displayed when they burst out of a solid vessel in all of their greenery and blowsy glory.

This bouquet is from my favourite flower shop, Sweet Violets here in Guelph.

The latest layer I've added to the house is a rug in the kitchen.

This is something I've been searching for, scrolling through online sites, measuring and comparing.

I wanted a runner that had a bit of width to it so that it would cover the floor entirely from range to wall, along the working path in front of the sink.

The one I ultimately decided on is about fifty years old but had never been used, it's quite thickly knotted so very plush and cozy under the feet.

The colours needed to mesh with the rest of the main floor, and that meant that this particular shade of apricot needed to dominate the rug. I absolutely love these apricot shades in a rug, so subtle and vintage looking, almost faded yet such a compliment to blues and greens.

The apricot also offsets the copper details on the range, while the brown background matches the wood tones of the floor.

The hardwood was beginning to get absolutely wrecked in the kitchen, just in this area of high traffic from cooking and cleaning. The layering of the rug has many purposes: comfort for the feet and back, tying in with the decor of the other rooms and saving the floor.

Have you layered your house over time? How about time spent living in one home, are you tucked in or do you move around often?



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